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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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one of the longest standing occupied protests in los angeles is cleared by police after two months of demonstrations during all of this hundred saw arrests also that's close to dictatorship when you exclude the media. that's what dictators around the world do that is very severely protesters and the media feel that strong arm of the law but that doesn't stop some officers swaying in support of the occupy movement. diplomatic melt down britain orders all iranian envoys to leave the country within forty eight hours announces the closure of iran's embassy in london all of this in response to the ransacking of the u.k.'s mission in iraq. another
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challenge for italy in the midst of trying to tackle its debt crisis and adjust to a new prime minister taxpayers are now fighting against what they deem as unnecessary military spending. and manufacturing in russia is at a six month high what's more it's continuing to expand more of this in business twenty. very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me a recent shy police in los angeles have cleared one of the last stand longest standing occupy in the united states hundreds of offices clad in riot gear drove protesters out of the park making three hundred arrests in the process following in order to bring to an end
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a two month long occupation our correspondent guy nature to count reports. nearly three hundred people were arrested in l.a. on wednesday the police action against the protesters was not as heavy as what we've seen in other cities like oakland in california or new york in different cities police use tear gas on people rubber bullets sound can and pepper spray no this time they just performed around no injuries as far as we know but still almost three hundred protesters arrested were people refuse to leave the park surrounding the l.a. city hall which they've been occupying for the last eight weeks some demonstrators climbed into the trees to avoid a vigil and police were using cherry pickers to take them off those trees the occupiers in l.a. received an eviction order last week were citing sanitation problems and property damage a reason behind eviction order we've seen this happening all across the u.s.
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under different pretenses authoritative being taken protesters out of their occupied locations in philadelphia police in riot gear confronted demonstrators are wrapping around fifty people about fifty people who refuse to clear a street over the last two months around five thousand archetype protesters have been arrested across the united states the movement is the generally very. clear message it was all about nonviolent from the very beginning and from the credit of the occupiers in l.a. even to life spread arrests were taking place and there were lots of emotions involved of course there were brought down their camps dismantled many fear that the message of the movement would vanish together with the tense in those parts the message being against corporate greed against corruption in washington it cannot make inequality and excesses of the u.s. financial system and has gone into counterfeiting right these latest arrests in
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l.a. bring the total across the whole occupy movement to almost five thousand but now police are starting to defect to the other side of course one of the more important finding out why you some people have been shooting it to make history instead of making arrests. occupy wall street has become an undeniable american household name. and police crackdowns against the democratic movement have become something of the norm not so normal is seeing one side endorse the other. retired philadelphia police captain bray lewis became the game changer on nov seventeenth arrested while demonstrating with occupy protesters on the streets of new york city the twenty four year veteran was held in police custody for eleven hours and received one comment from a new york cop nobody talked to this one individual said that i had the testicles
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of an elephant although all of america's police force is part of the ninety nine percent captain lewis says cops secretly supporting o.-w. ass face dire consequences by going public oh a tremendous fear of losing their job being disciplined being fired and then what they do everybody in a ninety nine percent has that fear and police officers also they cannot risk they have children they have wives what will they do what so far there are no jobs available the nighttime raid on zuccotti park and subsequent arrest of dozens of journalists covering the story are among many reasons captain lewis says he temporarily transplanted to manhattan that's close to dictatorship when you actually the media. has with dictators around the world and that is very scary brutal scare tactics such as pepper spray tons and flash grenades canisters have been used against occupy camp route the u.s. oakland california resembles something of an urban war zone this fall leaving
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a war vet in critical condition and the eyes of an eighty four year old burning from tear gas oakland police officer fred chavez is the only active cop who's gone on record with his support but totally agree with occupy wall. even to understand what i am according to ninety nine percent for the most part people are peaceful they want to see changed many believe the biggest change could calm when or if u.s. law enforcement officials stop suppressing the right to assemble and begin supporting despite his arrest captain lewis is back at zuccotti park showing unwavering support for the occupy movement standing roughly ten or fifteen feet away from him a group of new york city police officers yes they're securing the area but some are beginning to show little interest for the first time i had an officer break ranks yesterday. a white officer named officer and introduced himself and he started
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asking if you question do you know the risk you're taking and he was so brave they said this is still america and until a supervisor ordered orders me back to the line i'm going to talk with you i hope to get mainstream america involved the police involved realizing that we're all of corporate america and that america has got to be stopped. archie new york i know we are closely following the protests that have been shaking up the united states on our website. you go online to check out the photo taken during the massive raid on the occupy l.a. protest. site but also on our web site for you today was the day the u.k. stood still more than two million people in britain tools in the largest public public sector strike that is in the last thirty years. also
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a right royal refer to russia's navy will be fit for a queen quite literally as was said to be refitted by the same furniture company that. regal needs and the cute. eight minutes past the hour here in moscow and u.k. is expelling all iranian diplomats following the storming of its embassy in tehran and has ordered the immediate closure of iran's mission in london and britain has already evacuated its own diplomats from the islamic states capital this comes after hundreds of hardline protesters attacked the you put u.k. compound in tehran pelting big eight sand windows with petrol bombs and burning british flags and demonstrations followed a vote in around parliament to reduce the diplomatic ties with london in
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retaliation for imposing further sanctions over its nuclear program middle east expert in journalist of some kind of chandan believes this latest spat with iran is just the start of a bigger western campaign. the west is not engaged in war preparations just against iran which they have been they've invaded an occupied iran's two neighboring countries like afghanistan and on the one side and iraq on the other the west is engaged in a constant project of constant war and domination against all people who resist their domination so iran and syria are different from the cards and a clear conflict racial in goal for the whole middle east that this has the potential for growing but that is the agenda right now very clearly they want change all across africa libya was the start and look at the pacific and asia region the new the new troops new u.s. troops already sent from australia listen to clinton she is saying that the critical places for u.s. domination is not iraq and afghanistan but in asia what's emerging right now is
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a historic time for the next ten fifteen years where britain an american movie going down economically and militarily and they know china and russia are merging so they're really feeling that now is the crisis period to make sure that they can dominate as much as possible through sanctions and war i mean it's all it's all you know it's any means necessary i mean whether they do it through sanctions or war or funding opposition movements it's all the same they want complete domination as soon as possible. well new tough measures against iran are dominating a meeting of european foreign ministers with more sanctions are expected to be imposed but british foreign minister has accused iran's government of supporting the repression in syria and said there's a link between what's happening in both countries let's get some more details on this now and talk with national consultant and author adrian live for us from going to thank you for coming on the program today the u.k. and norway have already closed their missions into iran and many other european nations to follow suit if you think there's possibly any link between their mass
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withdrawal and israel's earlier warnings of carrying out of bombing attack in december on iran. well there is a pattern and everything seems to center on iran basically but it is a pattern we are seeing throughout the whole middle east and we've seen it also in north africa this is a war by the west against most of the islamic countries now no doubt that israel has been threatening for a unilateral military intervention into iran for many years now and the u.k. seems to be spirit in this this whole process by you now threatening military action than so are they've been doing this is the early november the so-called plans and the u.s. seems to be just a step further back because they know that when things get very hard we probably will abort in a rather than syria the buck always starts would be u.s. military and so yes this definitely is probably all. generalized war by the west
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against the arab muslim states and i think this is ultimately part of a western war against arab states that if i can just move on here severing embassy ties with iran wouldn't allow these states to be inside the country where they can as some might say keep an eye on it what are the possible consequences of this diplomatic isolation could have for iran or is it just simply a smokescreen and the west all along is it is playing these cards of isolation and sanctions and alleged nuclear weapons program going all in all if you are saying they're just looking for a war. well it's a very complex war that's what they are waging the greater complexity in war means diplomat are the fighting on the diplomatic stage on the financial stage as they have been doing with economic sanctions against iran and its central bank and very much so we can see how they are now preparing the whole scene so asthe just by. a
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day that will live in infamy sort of like pearl harbor they took our embassy knowing that in the public eye or in the public mind this brings our memories of the one nine hundred seventy nine taking of the u.s. embassy in tehran no embassies should never be taken no doubt about that is not the proper way to go but we don't really quite know what it is that is happening in iran would be embassy where there are local advocates was we've seen agitation throughout the country and for example. the column in the speaker for iran in a way said that this is also the result of several decades of behavior on the part of the u.k. trying to dominate irad and he is very right as we must remember that britain invaded iran in world war one it invaded iran in world war two they tried to invade iran in one thousand fifty one but will start by will have it states and then the eisenhower administration and the bush administration may be free remove violent we orchestrated a who. our military takeover there are will in all of the us out of course as you
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as you say that we also have the iranian embassy siege in london iraq roughly three decades ago i mean i just suggested there is a much broader picture here when it comes to how the west is dealing with iran but when we focus on the issue of sanctions sanctions are a tried and tested tactic of the west but are they the most effective approach to solving the issue surrounding tehran's nuclear ambitions. i very much doubt it because sanctions will only arsons iran does have its back its back in part by china also in part by russia which seems to be getting fed up with the problem of the boat on the part of nato i don't think sanctions would do the trick that's why the fear of the real peril is that there might be might end up resorting to unilateral military invasion but we must remember one thing the united states americans polled group which is the pm of deceit and lies the ranee of invented chess which is a game of strategy and intelligence so right now we're if we you mentioned russia
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just a few minutes ago russia saying it wants the standoff to be solved using diplomacy as we say and certainly is what you're suggesting the west but ultimately has no intention of diplomacy what stakes to russia hold in this ongoing the west versus iran dispute no doubt russia at some point has to draw the line in a way for god for the rest of the world there is a balancing factor against unilateral our western interventionism especially on the part of the united states britain and israel has no doubt china and russia will have a very important part to play in although they have been very cautious and very serious about the whole way they have been approaching this but we approach libya the way they are approaching syria some point russia will draw the line and i think that that will see what sort of powers draw back in stand or we might have a much more generalized war in the region which could escalate to global
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proportions so we are seeing the west playing with fire international consultant and author. live for us from one of sorry so many things. well i still to come for you this hour here on r.t. we report from the barricades in kosovo where an increasing number of calls of most serbs have been applying for russian citizenship you can find out why shortly. sixteen minutes past the hour here in moscow italy has found itself in a severe economic crisis with the country's debt reaching over two trillion euros but at a time when italians want to cut costs and create jobs the government has another plan in the works which critics say is nothing more than quote economic suicide. for three points. this is the end i believe playing at the combine it might be. you could put it still in the development stage the final assembly line is the peacekeeping in italy. everything's cool thing to
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plan the town of navarre is a kilometer from the military base where the final stage of the a thirty five project is supposed to take place the people here have taken to the streets to oppose what they say is a waste of other talent taxpayers' money it is a very expensive project and now that we are in crisis you know there. is a cutting of pensions. school education. public health and so on the joint strike fighter program that is its name is a defense project based on international efforts with the u.s. ek in italy just some of the participants if. it's. true. and that's why we. are such a costly venture it's least decision to purchase one hundred thirty one of these
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planes developed by american company located masses in the country back some thirteen billion euros and the projects come under widescale scrutiny to being a fish and budgets think people in the bar elvis lee stealing a go but project is also the main issue with the. world first of all. a lot of. quality asians promised jobs and so people thought well great and then we start to say well you know jobs in what is very expensive and a moment of crisis like now to spend money on these planes at a moment like this is absolutely ridiculous it's making people really angry at least of europe now mired in the year is a crisis leslie itself no way to teach million euros in dance tax payers here say they're tired a country participating in military spending they don't want. they feel they can
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fool. we say that but now it's the right time. expenses. for projects we don't need. we need something else despite the government trying to when the people here are with problems this is so create they remain unconvinced all the project that they call economic suicide to describe. what twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow let's get to the world update for you here a blast and an iraqi town has killed at least seventeen and wounded dozens officials say a car bomb exploded in a street market in early on thursday the local authorities imposed an immediate curfew and are investigating who was behind the blast terrorist attacks have become more frequent in iraq after the recent announcement that the remaining thirteen thousand u.s. troops so she wants a pull out of the country by year's end. syria's government has released nine
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hundred twelve prisoners involved in the latest protests despite the crackdown on anti-government activists continuing nation by you clashes in the province reportedly killed at least thirteen it comes a day after turkey suspended all financial credit dealings with damascus it's the latest country to impose sanctions on syria the u.n. it meantime estimates that more than three thousand five hundred people have died since the protests started in march. the first stage of egypt's parliamentary elections has ended official results and are set for thursday after a large voter turnout delayed the counting of ballots by one day the islamist group the muslim brotherhood which was banned one of the government of former president mubarak claims to be out in front the election will be spread across six weeks and final results announced early next year. u.s. authorities have discovered a six hundred meter long smuggling tunnel crossing under the border with mexico the
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passage was used to connect drug warehouses in tijuana and san diego officials say the tunnel complete with elevator and transport carts is the most sophisticated they have ever come across thirty two tons of marijuana worth about sixty five million dollars also commerce in the operation. are served him well because of it was still building roadblocks along the border despite nato forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the barricades are in response to attempts by the cause of an authority is to take control of border checkpoints to impose a ban on. our correspondent. spoke to serbs who have turned to russia as they seek a resolution to the conflict in the area. weren't allowed to board georgia which first started walking around the roads of kosovo with his writing who paid attention after all he was just an elderly refugee a man who lost his job as
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a lawyer and his home when he was driven out of pollution up by cost a lot in one thousand nine hundred nine and now everyone here knows who he is since the summer around one hundred thousand people almost at the cost of the serbs signed up for his petition their cause a plea for russian citizenship. we don't want to live in russia but build greatest two weeks to protect us the minority here that's why we hope that russia will step in to help us seems the americans and the europeans have supported the interests of the albanians in kosovo. postmen but if you should rich there's constant blackouts low wages and ethnic violence are a normal part of life here yet he says he will not leave and nor will his three children because this is where they spend their entire lives for him russian citizenship as a last resort. we live in constant fear every year we see great great intentions from the albanians to drive us out even of the few areas where there are still some
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countries being recognized by the west but we are no part of it just like girl great moscow has refused to recognize albanian controlled kosovo as an independent state following its conflict of serbia in one thousand nine hundred nine and the declaration of independence three years ago and that petition has gained attention in moscow it is going to be this is an unprecedented outpouring of desire to become russian citizens so there is no past guidance on how to deal with this situation but we do think this is alarming and a direct result of how western forces have tried to deal with the problem but favoring one of the sides meanwhile serbs in kosovo continue to build barricades around their pockets of population ready to stay off anyone trying to force them out of their rights and wrongs of the conflict that happened here in one thousand nine hundred nine you can't help but feel for the serbian minority here in northern kosovo surrounded by hostility increasingly abandoned by belgrade ignored by the
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international community so their pleas for russian citizenship to help should be taken literally for the side of just how desperate the situation has become. kosovo. and a bit of a. behind the financial headlines to find out if the public is being told the truth about the world economy business there. first of all welcome to business all these guys have your country russia may get an unexpected bonus from the rising tension between western powers and iran the country's benchmark urals lend could surge to record margin above bread the conflict over iran's nuclear program has already pushed russian troops a red premium over the north think counterfeit bills gladdens why begin soon for european refineries on the net it's a radio which are also big importers of a radiant oil
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a new proposal by france to impose sanctions against the oil imports from the islamic republic could mean the market will tighten. the largest steel maker in russia severstal is set to spin off its north gold unit the country's also i mean listing the standalone business in london so we're still plans to complete the separation of unschooled units by january hundred deals oversell shareholders will be able to swap their stocks for shares in north america held by a seven stealth sideris north gold was set up in two thousand and seven and since then it spends over one billion dollars on buying mines in west africa and around and this is to make the firm value to be around three billion similarly the markets now while has been gaining over the past couple of sessions very much now it's correcting slightly but it was reaching two week highs after the us federal
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reserves and five other central banks cut their costs of emergency funding for european banks the boost in liquid c. is also counted risings crude stockpiles in the u.s. but we are seeing correction this hour lights we've heard the sense brant at one hundred nine dollars twenty one set over. here p. in equities have been the mixed pretty much all session long looking for direction after skyrocketing on wednesday industrial stocks are dragging the blacks with heidelberg cement and group being some of the biggest losers this hour. and russian markets continue the rally from wednesday though although they have lost most of the right now coming closer to initial value take a look at what's moving the my six most blue chips are still trading in the black and you major schools are by gains in the world price gazprom is up almost zero percent financials are also positively p.t.b. adding around three percent this hour and those sectors magni the retailer is
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planning to raise three hundred fifty million dollars in its additional public offering and it's down two point three percent this hour here. alexander good if you perform for google. and spread it through try to catch his mark on the upside for being the largest blue chips of the russian market reach our guest rooms garbarino to look or else now have to know it's going to go may be solved by meddlesome already. starting to survive off to victory year zero four letter g. . we think that the possibility of the christmas right is still exist. we've got a lot of negatives which are usually unexpected and wishing him drugs. and manufacturing activity in russia is speeding up pages these things purchasing managers index rose almost fifty three points in november and any value above fifty means there's expansion in the sector not in fact h.s.b.c.
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says risks of stagnation have diminished new orders are on the rise that's pushing employment however that's mostly due to stay while prices and states as well as it from me for today could join my colleague could even the council be here next hour with an update or see tomorrow. news to. the. wealthy british scientists sometimes the tightening.
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market finiteness come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our jeep. the of. the limits of. the first six. six or.


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